Mother’s Day in the Philippines


Whenever life became too difficult to face, I had always been able to run to my mother. Each time, her advice was consistent – hang in there until something good comes along. But on many occasions, I wasn’t strong enough to take this advice. I would simply crumble in the middle of a problem… without a plan, without the will to seek a solution.

My mother was firm. Yet, every time I felt too weak to do anything about life – to go to school, to work, to try, she had me join her for a day at her job. I’m not ashamed to admit that even as a grown woman, my mother would take me, pretty much like a kid, to her workplace. Why? Because I needed it. That’s what makes my mother awesome. She pushes me to be stronger but also gives me confidence in knowing I won’t be alone if I fall.

To my Mama, thank you, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!


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