My Second Mother’s Day Card from Niko


I can’t believe how much time went by since I received my first Mother’s Day card from the child in my womb.

So, my super fluent, super smart child strikes again:


“Dear Mama,

I am so happy to have finally met you. I waited so long and I was so excited to meet my family. I bet you did not realize how cute I would be. Well I did promise that I would make it all worth it in the end, and here I am. I grow so much every day and I love you even more.

I am so thankful for what you do for me. You are the best mom that I could ask for and as beautiful as I had imagined while I was still in your belly. I hope you have the happiest mother’s day today.

I love you, mama
From Niko”

The opportunity to have this wonderful child to love as my own – that’s the greatest Mother’s Day gift of all.



My first Mother’s Day Card


Yesterday, I received a Mother’s day card from the baby in my womb.

It read:

“Dear Mom,

Hi. It is me, baby, from inside your belly. I know I cannot talk or write yet but I have been sending thoughts back and forth with Dad. He and I agree on the same thing. That while I have not been born yet, you are already an incredible mother. I am sorry I am making you feel so sick every day and that I do not like a lot of foods right now but I am so thankful that you are putting me above anything else. But mom, you have to think about yourself, too.

Do not worry too much about me. I am growing healthy and strong in here. I know I will be fine because you and Dad care so much about me and you have given me a nice warm environment to grow in for another 6 months.

I promise to make all your suffering right now be worth it in the end. I promise to love you so much and that we will be the best of friends. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to meet you soon.

I love you, mom.”

This was a very touching note because I have a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which I will explain on a different post. Of course, I sobbed after reading this. And of course, my kid is going to be awesome. I know not just because s/he can already be so fluent at 13 weeks… But more importantly, because his/her dad is awesome.

My first Mother’s Day


I never thought I’d be a mother. It’s not that I never wanted to have a baby. I just never fully believed I could be a good mother. Since I was young, there had been signs: I had cut my younger sister’s hair all wrong, I had dropped my toddler cousin, I had given up on caring for my rabbit after it chomped my finger… Up to now, I still detest cleaning up, I still feel awkward around children and I still fear the limitations that come with being a parent.

So why am I now having my first ever Mother’s Day? Because I knew that compared to all these doubts, the regret from not even trying to have you… will be so much greater and will most likely be too unbearable.

People say one can never really be absolutely ready for a baby. I agree. But that won’t stop me from hoping that when you come out into this world, I am the strongest mother I can ever be.


Mother’s Day in the Philippines


Whenever life became too difficult to face, I had always been able to run to my mother. Each time, her advice was consistent – hang in there until something good comes along. But on many occasions, I wasn’t strong enough to take this advice. I would simply crumble in the middle of a problem… without a plan, without the will to seek a solution.

My mother was firm. Yet, every time I felt too weak to do anything about life – to go to school, to work, to try, she had me join her for a day at her job. I’m not ashamed to admit that even as a grown woman, my mother would take me, pretty much like a kid, to her workplace. Why? Because I needed it. That’s what makes my mother awesome. She pushes me to be stronger but also gives me confidence in knowing I won’t be alone if I fall.

To my Mama, thank you, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!