Ten years feel like…

…five years because everything since we had the kid went by in a flash

…a pretty well-ticked yet ever-growing bucket list of places to go, foods to try, and shows to watch

…keeping up with all the changes in our minds and bodies, holding tight so our hearts could remain the same

…fights like there’s no tomorrow but waking up in the morning, wanting to stay

…smiling at our kid and our cat-kids and thinking, Look at the family we’ve made

…pulling our hairs out over said kid and cat-kids, venting and/or problem-solving like a team

…we’re still finding who we are and continuously learning how to best be there for one another

…saying ILY every day for the last ten years in a mix of words and actions

…we must’ve done something right if we got this far

…I may have had my bullheaded and bitchy moments. But when I am calm and contemplating everything we’ve been through, like I am now, I’m so darn thankful for what we have

…I am the luckiest woman in the world to be chosen by you.

Happy Ten-year Anniversary, Papa Bear!

I love you.


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