Ten years feel like…

…five years because everything since we had the kid went by in a flash

…a pretty well-ticked yet ever-growing bucket list of places to go, foods to try, and shows to watch

…keeping up with all the changes in our minds and bodies, holding tight so our hearts could remain the same

…fights like there’s no tomorrow but waking up in the morning, wanting to stay

…smiling at our kid and our cat-kids and thinking, Look at the family we’ve made

…pulling our hairs out over said kid and cat-kids, venting and/or problem-solving like a team

…we’re still finding who we are and continuously learning how to best be there for one another

…saying ILY every day for the last ten years in a mix of words and actions

…we must’ve done something right if we got this far

…I may have had my bullheaded and bitchy moments. But when I am calm and contemplating everything we’ve been through, like I am now, I’m so darn thankful for what we have

…I am the luckiest woman in the world to be chosen by you.

Happy Ten-year Anniversary, Papa Bear!

I love you.


Heart on my sleeve


I love how you kiss me before you leave for work, how you text me every weekday just to say hello, how you do the laundry conscientiously (thanks bjj), how you cook the best dinners and weekend breakfasts, how you take me on Community Day dates, how we rotfl while catching up on our shows, how you play with Niko and look after him while I’m busy or tired, how you gobble up the food I make even if it’s meh or of questionable quality, how as an IT professional and all-around techie, you put up with my Luddite qualities, how you understand and appreciate me. I want you to know, that even if you don’t say it often, I feel it. I love you, too.

Happy Valentine’s, Papa Bear!

Baby Bear writes to Papa Bear


“Dear Dad,

It’s me, the baby from Mom’s belly. We’ve been sending each other our thoughts back and forth and we agree that people don’t see how much credit you deserve for this pregnancy.

Well, first, I want to thank you for giving me to Mom. She told me that you’re a very fun guy that enjoys playing video games, traveling and staying out with friends. I know deciding to have me must have been tough for you because caring for me would take away time from your favorite things, including sleep.

Second, I want to thank you for looking after Mom and me. You’ve been doing so much around the house while she feels sick or tired from carrying me. You’ve been driving around to help feed us both essential food and wild cravings. From Moo-moo milk to pandesal, from fruits and peppermints to carrot cheesecake, from Asian stores to Jollibee, you’ve been really supportive of us.

Finally, you comfort Mom by being there for her during her tough pregnancy. You accompany her on most of her important tests and doctor visits. You try not to upset her by cooking smelly foods outside the house. You stay at home with her to watch movies and Friends marathon. You take her out when she feels well enough to get out.

You’re a really great husband and I already know you’ll make the best dad. Thanks for all you do now for me and Mom. I promise that when you meet me, I will love you so much and make it all worth it.

Happy First Father’s Day!

P.S. Mom also thinks you will be the one to spoil me so I’m even more excited to meet you already.”