The Responsible One


 When we were kids, my older sister and I didn’t used to get along as well as we do now. But mostly because she was the responsible no-BS eldest child who expected a lot more from me, the immature BS-loving middle child.

As we got older, we did end up having more things in common and I guess my maturity had somewhat (maybe) caught up with hers. I value and respect her a lot more now… for everything she’s been and everything she’s become. If there is anything I admire the most about her, it would be how she goes after what she wants. I think it’s what made her very successful in her career, personal life and various interests.

To my Ate, I was such a punk to you when we were younger even when you were just trying to teach me to grow up. But I love you and thank you for being someone I could look up to. Happy Birthday and I wish you an even more awesome life!


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