My first Mother’s Day Card


Yesterday, I received a Mother’s day card from the baby in my womb.

It read:

“Dear Mom,

Hi. It is me, baby, from inside your belly. I know I cannot talk or write yet but I have been sending thoughts back and forth with Dad. He and I agree on the same thing. That while I have not been born yet, you are already an incredible mother. I am sorry I am making you feel so sick every day and that I do not like a lot of foods right now but I am so thankful that you are putting me above anything else. But mom, you have to think about yourself, too.

Do not worry too much about me. I am growing healthy and strong in here. I know I will be fine because you and Dad care so much about me and you have given me a nice warm environment to grow in for another 6 months.

I promise to make all your suffering right now be worth it in the end. I promise to love you so much and that we will be the best of friends. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to meet you soon.

I love you, mom.”

This was a very touching note because I have a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which I will explain on a different post. Of course, I sobbed after reading this. And of course, my kid is going to be awesome. I know not just because s/he can already be so fluent at 13 weeks… But more importantly, because his/her dad is awesome.