The Chase

I had been busy working on a dream of mine since I was seven years old.

I completed my first novel and sent samples of my manuscript to my first set of agents and today, I received my first rejection. At first, I rejoiced at the encouraging words in this letter:

But then, I did more research and arrived at the conclusion that this was a very polite template rejection, and that the lack of concrete feedback, affirming or constructive, was something to be wary of.

The possibilities:

1) My pages did not stand out enough to warrant a request for more pages.

2) My hook was not enough.

3) I had sent the query letter to an agent who didn’t need or want what I had to offer.

So, I’m back to the drawing board. I am rewriting my debut novel to increase the pages and develop my characters further. I am redoing my query letters and more diligently researching my next set of target agents and publishers.

I love what I’m doing. If I can actually make a living out of this, then, facing rejection is a small price to pay. I gotta keep making adjustments, gotta keep the faith.

To anyone else out there, having a tough day—keep at it. You’re not alone! Keep chasing the dream.